1.            Diabetes is hereditary

                Fact : More than the family history, unhealthy life style & the bad foods contributes much diabetes. A Healthy Eating Plan with exercise, can manage your diabetes well.

2.            Honey & Jaggery is good substitute for Sugar

                Fact : No, your blood sugar will rise the way sugar does.

3.            Karela, Jamun Fruit can cure diabetes.

                Fact : Insulin like activity of lectin in karela lowers blood glucose, Jamun frit seed contains a glucoside that prevents conversion of starch into sugar thereby controlling blood sugar levels in the body, but alone in itself won’t help much until you exercise & adopt a “Healthy Eating Plan”.

4.            Insulin & fruits tablets can cure diabetes.

                Fact : The medicine does control the diabetes, but can not cure and once a diabetic, you will have to live all your life with the help of medication only.

5.            Sweet fruits are not good for diabetes.

                Fact : No, fruits are digested in the mouth as compared to all other foods which are digested in the stomach. The fiber in fruits shows down the absorption of sugar in the blood stream.

6.            Overeating in a party can be taken care by an extra dose of table or insulin.

                Fact : It is a misconception and can aggravate your blood sugar level.

7.            My blood sugar is on borderline & I can relax.

                Fact : No, you have to make changes in your life style and adhere to a “Healthy Eating Plan” to avoid the complications of the diabetes.

8.            I don’t eat sugar, potatoes & rice because that will take are of my diabetes.

                Fact : Certainly it will help, because the carbohydrate in these foods breakdown fast & hence raises your blood sugar level, but you can not relax and will have to adopt a “Healthy Eating Plan” to manage your diabetes.

9.            Since, I am on medication, I can eat all type of foods.

                Fact : Again a misconception, a diabetic has to restrict good food only.

10.          Yoga can cure diabetes.

                Fact : Yoga does help control diabetes, but without ‘Healthy Eating Plan” you can not normalize your blood sugar. Both yoga and a Healthy diet together is the only solution.