The so called “whole wheat” & brown bread available in the market are “neither whole not brown”. It contains more of Maida {refined wheat flour} & less of atta, but still it is called whole wheat bread & manufactures are befooling the people. The brown bread is also similar but caramel color is added, to give it a brownish look. When the wheat is processed into Maida the outer 2 layers, the bran & the germ are removed which contains most of the fibre, Vitamins & minerals. In the manufacturing process fibre, Vitamin E {44%}, Pantothenic acid {52%}, Folic acid {65%}, biotin {76%}, Vitamin B6 {84%}, half or more of 20 minerals & trace elements magnesium, calcium, zinc, chromium, manganese, selenium, vanadium & copper} are removed.

During the manufacturing of the bread in addition to sugar, salt, oil, various chemicals like yeast, gluten, emulsifiers & preservatives are added to improve the taste & texture of the bread. The Swiss Government has levied a tax on white bread to discourage people from eating it. The tax money thus collected is given to the bakers to reduce the prices of whole wheat bread to encourage them to switch over to whole wheat bread. In many countries white bread is fortified with Vitamin B1, B2, B3 & iron, but this supplementation is no good substitute for naturally occurring Vitamins & Minerals. The recent studies by the National Institute of health show that the artificial supplement added to Maida are health hazards. The bread manufactures are be fooling the people because 4 Vitamins & Minerals are added back compared to 15 Nutrients along with fibre & other beneficial anti oxidants removed during processing.

The Canadian Government has enacted a law prohibiting the enrichment of wheat bread with synthetic vitamins. The whole wheat bread must contain the originals vitamins & minerals found in the whole wheat grain & not the imitations. The comparison below between 1 since of bread {30 gms} with 30 gms of Diabex roti clearly shows that the Diabex roti is low in carbohydrates, high in protein, calcium, iron & fibre which promotes good health. Diabex roti has less carbohydrates {7.62} as compare to 1 slice of bread which has 15.4 gm which is more than double. The more carbohydrate we eat the more the sugar level rise. The rise of blood sugar by eating 1 roti of 30 gms will raise the blood sugar by half that of bread.



Scores of Research Stufies have established that whole foods ;promote good health whereas refined & processed foods are a health hazard. The British Medical Journal, the LANCET, reported that during an experiment, dogs fed exclusively on white bread died of malnutrition while dogs fed with stone ground whole wheat bread lived in good health.