Humans are the only species which drink another mammals milk. All powerful animals on earth lion, tiger, elephant & horses do not drink after weaning. The sugar in the milk is called lactose and the enzyme which digest it is called lactase which is produced in the small intestine. Scientific studies have shown that production of lactase stops at the age of 3 or 4 years. The Mother nature is perfect & great as it wants the child to stop drinking milk because there is no lactase to metabolize the lactose in the milk 75% of the world population have lactose intolerance. The American Pediatric Association says that 60% of the children by the age of 6 years having ear infections were milk induced & milk consumption is the number one cause of Iron deficiency anemia.

Milk is loaded with saturated fat & cholesterol which leads to heart to heart diseases, prostate cancer, asthma & diabetes. The clinical studies in the United States shows that the people who consume more milk are prone to bone factures as compared to those who don’t drink because the protein leached the calcium. It contains casein a protein which is a glue used in the manufacture of furniture. It leads to a lot of mucous build up & other health problems like asthma & congestion. Milk is no good for health, but the yogurt & the butter milk can be consumed. You may ask how come when the milk is bad butter milk & yogurt can be consumed.  The reason is when the yogurt is made by the bacteria that make yogurt produces lactase which is turn digest the lactose of milk.