Sample chart of daily “Dhawan Eating Plan”

By strickly following the “Dhawan Eating Plan” below, we can not only prevent but cure life style diseases naturally and without any side effects:

Diabetes-2, Heart disease, Lipid profile(high BP, cholesterol, triglycerides) arthritis, Chronic liver disease(cirrhosis), Kidney failure (nephritis), Osteoporosis, Depression, Various types of cancer, Asthma, Constipation, Obesity.





6 am

Exercise and yoga

Minimum of 45 min-1 hour of brisk walk or yoga

This is the most important part of this eating plan to achieve quick results you must strictly adhere to this.


7 am

Morning tea

Drink tea without sugar and milk

Drink 2 glasses of water warm or room temperature.


8 am


One dose of FENUCIN10-15 min before breakfast.

1-2 white eggs omlette and one diabex chapatti or

1 stuffed parantha of muli or methi, palak or ghobi with half cup(125 gms) of curd or

200 ml soya milk with 20 gms of porridge.

Mix and stir well FENUCIN powder in 1/4th glass of plain water. 15 gms of diabex atta (2 tablespoon) mixed in it 60 gms of vegetable of your choice to make one parantha.

11 am

Mid morning

Any fruit of your choice not more than 100 gms.

The diabetic patients must eat one of these fruits weighing about 100 gms. Orange/kinoo/sweet lime/grape fruit/papaya/jamun/amrood/tarbooz/kharbuza

1 pm


One dose of fenucin.

One cooked vegetable+curd, Half cup (125 gms)+ 2 medium sized chapattis+salad

Salad must consist of 2 slices each of tomato,cucumber, carrot and reddish and lettuce.


4 pm


One whole apple

Fruit should be washed in running water not to be peeled, weighing not more than 100 gms.

5 pm


6 almonds and 3 halves walnut(10 gms)or

Peanuts (10 gms) or

Roasted Black gram (bhune Chane)

You can have tea without milk and sugar.


6 pm


One dose of fenucin seeds.

8 pm


One dose of fenucin

One cooked vegetable+dal+2 chappatis+salad. Substitute dal with 100 gms of fish twice a week if you are non-vegetarian.

Vegetable and dal should be half cup each and dal in particular should be of thin consistency.

Important : You must drink minimum of 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

Diabetes patients should take diabex powder instead of fenucin powder.


Avoid processed foods, dairy products(milk, butter, ghee, cheese), animal foods(mutton, beaf, pork etc,) poultry(chicken), Maida products(burger, pizza, samosa, bread pakora etc) bakery products ( cakes, pasteries, patties etc), colas, candy and ice cream.

For optimal health, eat healthy foods including whole grains, brown rice, whole pulses, fruits, vegetable , soya milk,tofu,lassi, yoghurt, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and olive oil as a cooking medium.